Each Policy Area (PA) of the EUSBSR is steered by a Steering Group (SG). Composed of one or more representatives of the national and regional governments of the EUSBSR Member States, SG members represent their governments and perform their tasks as focal points at the national level. Furthermore, they strategically and thematically advise Policy Area Coordinators (PACs) on the development of the respective PAs.



The main task of the SG member on the EUSBSR level consists of:

1. Supporting the respective PAC/PACs in fulfilling their tasks, including:

  • Guiding the development of the PA in general by policy discussions and by endorsing new objectives, developments and operation formats, including flagships;
  • Endorsing proposals to update targets, references etc. that do not change the Action Plan substantially, in close dialogue with the EC
  • Ensuring linkages to relevant national and regional policy-making.

2. Monitoring and evaluating the policy areas:

  • Endorsing the work plans and annual substantial reports on achievements for the PA, drafted by the PACs, and submitting these documents to the NCG for information.

In addition to the responsibilities within their group, SG members serve as focal points in their respective administrations by:

  • Acting as liaison between their PA and the respective administration, ensuring linkages between macro-regional and national or regional policy processes;
  • Raising awareness and ownership of the objectives, means and achievements of the EUSBSR within their respective administrations and amongst other relevant stakeholders;
  • Cooperating with relevant managing authorities in their respective home countries, regarding the operational level;
  • Supporting the national coordinator in promoting political commitment to the strategy as well as in raising national awareness and promoting visibility of the EUSBSR.



EUSBSR Action Plan and Implementation