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Policy Area Education (PA EDU) contributes to strengthening the social dimension of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (BSR). The Policy Area covers four areas: education, science, employability and integration of migrants.

PA EDU contributes to an increased prosperity that presupposes access to quality education and training for all, an effective and inclusive welfare system and a well-functioning labour market supporting geographical, professional and socio-economic mobility. In science and research, we face an increased global competitiveness where even though our macro region is performing well, we can do more by a closer collaboration, making best use of our resources together in the Baltic Sea Region.

PA Education is coordinated by Hamburg, Germany and Norden Association in Sweden.

Learn more about our flagships!

The four PA EDU Actions in the EUSBSR Action Plan are primarily implemented by so called Flagships, also named policy-action processes. Four such processes are in operation within our policy area. You can read more and find links under Activities. If you find interest in any of the flagships they are open networks welcoming new members.