It is in the interest of all countries bordering the Baltic Sea to reduce the risk of maritime accidents and marine pollution, including hazardous spills. Policy Area (PA) Safe actions focus on many aspects which can improve maritime safety and security including resurveying of shipping routes, improving safety of navigation by means of e-navigation and new technology, emergency preparedness and winter navigation.


The objective of Policy Area (PA) Safe is for the Baltic Sea region to become a leading region for maritime safety and security. The policy area has four actions:

  • Action 1: Providing reliable navigational conditions to the Baltic Sea
  • Action 2: Developing winter navigation to meet future challenges
  • Action 3: To be a forerunner in digitalisation and automation
  • Action 4: Ensure accurate preparedness and response for maritime accidents and security issues

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Photo of sea depth: Swedish Maritime Administration,
Photo of icebreaker: Swedish maritime Administration
Photo of city: Pexels,
Photo of helicopter rescue mission: Patrik Nilsson, Swedish Maritime Administration



PA Safe is coordinated by Sweden and Finland. The coordinators from Finland are working at the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Trafficom and the Swedish coordinators at the Swedish Maritime Administration. The website images are published with consent from/ or by the Swedish Maritime Administration. To get in touch see our contact details.



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