Baltic Sea Strategy Point (BSP) has been established with the 2021 Action Plan update as a function to provide administrative and technical support for the Strategy’s management, development and communication. The BSP is guided by and accountable to the National Coordinators Group (NCG), which decides on its terms of reference and its detailed tasks. The day-to-day work of the BSP is conducted in close contact with the NCG Presidency.



Within the EUSBSR governance structure, the BSP is tasked, among others, with:

  • Coordinating the overall communication activities of the EUSBSR;
  • Coordinating the monitoring and evaluation of the EUSBSR;
  • Serving as the institutional memory of the EUSBSR;
  • Ensuring technical support to the NCG and, where possible, also to PACs;
  • Supporting the planning and organisation of the EUSBSR Annual Fora;
  • Coordinating targeted capacity building for the EUSBSR stakeholders, including those in neighbouring non-EU countries;
  • Coordinating knowledge sharing and best practices between PAs as regards integration of essential elements, such as addressing climate change and cooperation with neighbouring non-EU countries.


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Baltic Sea Strategy Point is hosted jointly by Centrum Balticum Foundation and the Senate Chancellery of the Free and Hansaetic City of Hamburg.

Get in touch with the BSP team for support related to any EUSBSR related matter or in order to get redirected to the relevant implementing stakeholder relevant for your enquiry. 




EUSBSR Action Plan and Implementation