PA Ship participated to a stakeholder session “Tackling the energy crisis in transport – smart solutions from MRS for a joint policy dialogue” at the 4th EU Macro-Regional Strategies Week 2023.Transport sector deserves special attention because it accounts for about a third of the EU's energy consumption and is highly dependent on fossil fuels. The session focused on challenges and solutions in saving energy, using clean energy and thus reducing the carbon footprint of transport. Due to their cross-sectoral and cross-border nature, the MRS have a particular role to play. The session provided a basis for launching a policy dialogue on energy transition in transport sector in and across all four MRS. All speakers at the session were:

  • Mrs Helen Lückge, Climonomics, Germany

  • Mr Marko Kovac, Ph.D., Institut “Jožef Stefan", Slovenia – ODYSEE_MURE project: What methods are available for evaluating energy efficiency policies in the transport sector?

  • Mrs Mirka Laurila-Pant, Special Advisor / EUSBSR Policy Area Ship Coordinator at Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom - Perspective of the Baltic Sea Region -The energy transition of the shipping sector.

  • Mrs Viktoria Weissenburger, Team Manager Action Programmes at viadonau (Austrian Waterway Company) – Challenges for the energy transition in Danube navigation on the path towards sustainable mobility.

  • Mr Franc Zepic, Priority Area Coordinator 1B of the EUSDR, Ministry of Infrastructure, Slovenia.

  • Mr Etienne Vienot, Project Manager European and International Affairs, Auvergne Rhône Alpes Energy Environment Agency, France, EUSALP Action Group 9 Co-Lead – Alpine challenges in the energy transition of the transport sector.

Stakeholder session’s recording can be downloaded here.