One of our ultimate goals, based on ability and know-how is to use available knowledge and resources to take necessary steps in the move towards climate neutrality in line with the EU targets, along with developing new innovative solutions in the transport sector. In aviation sector our priorities would be connectivity and environmentally sustainable flights, in shipping our efforts go to green shipping and its effects to cargo and passenger transportation and in land transport we would concentrate to intelligent transportation systems, digital documents and use of alternative fuels. Horizontally, considering the overall needs of all transport modes, we would put our emphasis to transport corridors, multimodality, urban transport; digitalisation and single window approaches.
Old City Harbour 2020 Spring 10

To implement below mentioned targets we have prepared following actions:

Action 1: Improve connectivity of the regions and cooperation with third countries

  • Analyses of transport corridors and cargo movement in new situation (in case Russia and Belorussia will be cut out of transport corridors).
  • Seeking to facilitate air connectivity with peripherial areas in Europe.

Action 2: Development of measures towards climate-neutral and zero pollution transport

  • Delivering innovative solutions for greener transport in the EUSBSR area:
  • Availability of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in the Baltic Sea area and how this affects air connectivity, possibilities to produce SAF in the region
  • Sustainable fuels in land transport sector, its affects to the transport corridors and cargo price. Alternative fuel charging network (electricity charging for trucks, hydrogen loading stations) establishment in network.
  • The effect of green shipping to transportation, how the use of alternative fuels affect transport chain and passenger transport (local inside countries and international in the Baltic sea).

Action 3: Facilitate innovative technologies & solutions in the Baltic Sea region

  • Delivering solutions for digital transportation documents seeking to increase the effectiveness and transparency for transport sector.
  • Seek to create prototypes and piloting systems for digitalised transport documents and digital data exchange platforms according to the requirements of eFTI regulation.
  • Increase awareness and promotion R&D activities of 5G use in transport sector.


 In November 2022  we joined the EU initiative "Mission Restore our Oceans and Waters" and endorsed the Mission Charter. Being a member of the community of the Mission Ocean shows our commitment to eliminate pollution of the Baltic Sea caused by transport sector. It also proves  that efforts we do to move towards the use carbon neutral transport are in line with Sustainable Blue Economy strategy.


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