On 20th April EUSBSR Policy Area Tourism organised a webinar for BSR tourism stakeholders regarding two important EU tourism initatives:

- The transition pathway for tourism - the first in a series of transition pathways for EU industrial ecosystems presented by the DG GROW unit G1 (Tourism, textiles) expert - Ms Kirsti Ala-Mutka,
Policy Officer
- EU Tourism Dashboard - an online knowledge tool aimed at monitoring the green and digital transitions and socio-economic vulnerabilities of the tourism ecosystem to make tourism more resilient and sustainable - presented by Mr Ricardo Barranco, Scientific Officer from the European Commission - Joint Research Centre (JRC).


Over 40  participants joined us to learn more on what is the Transition Pathway for Tourism document about as well as to familiarise themselves with the commitments and pledges made by stakeholders to contribute to the transition pathway for tourism. We heard about the concrete actions and targets contributing to the green and digital transition and increasing the tourism ecosystem's resilience coming from various EU countries. In particular, we learned how to submit those in line with measures recognised by the transition pathway co-creation process. These pledges help shape how we implement the transition pathway through collaboration in the Together for EU Tourism community. EU experts have already received the first, second and third batch of commitments and pledges, showing good leadership and examples for others to follow. You can follow them here.


You can download the full presentation here: pdf 2023_04_20_TourismPolicyPerspective_EUSBSR



After this presentation Ricardo Barranco gave an overview on an online knowledge tool aimed at monitoring the green and digital transitions of the tourism ecosystem to make tourism more resilient and sustainable. The dashboard visualises tourism-relevant data and indicators collected from available, trusted sources covering the tourism ecosystem. It offers snapshot views of key tourism indicators for the European Union and each member country.

You can find the tool here.

And the presentation here:pdf 2023_04_20_EUTourismDashboard_EUSBSR

The Tourism Dashboard transforms raw data and statistics into meaningful and policy-relevant indicators. Since 2019, data have been collected and harmonised from available, trusted sources at the highest possible territorial granularity and frequency. In this section, you can learn more about the policy context, the data and methods employed to construct the EU Tourism Dashboard.




Thank you for your participation!