Projects conntected to PA Safe Actions


“Providing reliable navigational conditions to the Baltic Sea”


Baltic Marine Gravity Maps - BalMarGrav

About: The project aim to meet the problem of insufficient and outdated mapping of the marine gravity field in the south-eastern Baltic Sea region. The full name of the project is "Homogenized marine gravity maps of southern and eastern Baltic Sea for modern 3D applications in marine geodesy, geology and navigation".
Lead Partner: IGiK, Institute of Geodesy and Cartography, Poland.
Deadline: 2024
Funding: Interreg Baltic Sea Region

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Baltic Sea e-Nav

About: The project Baltic Sea e-Nav creates the next generation of navigational products and services compliant with new international standards, enabling national authorities and other maritime organisations to ensure safer, more harmonised and eco-efficient navigation at the Baltic Sea.
Lead Partner: Swedish Maritime Administration
Deadline: October 2026
Funding:Interreg Baltic Sea Region

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Speed up re-surveying

About: The project aim to speed up the hydrographic surveys in the Baltic Sea, monitor and report the progress, maintain Database, Baltic Sea Hydrographic Commission
Lead Partner: Finnish Transport and Communication Agency (Traficom)



“Developing winter navigation to meet future challenges”

Sustainable Flow - Sustainable flow of goods and decreased CO2 emissions of transportation

About: The Baltic Sea is one of the busiest waters in the world (15% of the cargo traffic). Seven ports will works as hubs of the project (Rauma, FI; Pori, FI; Mariehamn, AX; Norrköping, SE; Oxelösund, SE; Tallinn, EE; Riga, LV) to create CO2 reductions in the hubs and beyond in order to tangle the climate crisis. The project will developing an open access digital tool for CO2 reduction, measures energy savings and production of renewable energy in ports.
Lead Partner: Satakunta University of Applied Sciences
Partners: Swedish Maritime Administration SE, Åland University of Applied Sciences AX, International Transport Development Association LV, Tallinn Technical University/EMERA EE, Fintraffic VTS Ltd FI, Swedish Confederation of Transport Enterprises (Ports of Sweden) SE 
Deadline: May 2026
Funding: Interreg Central Baltic

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WINMOS III - Winter Navigation Motorways of the Sea III

About: The project will contribute to providing improved icebreaking services and increase safety of navigation in the Gulf of Bothnia. The project concerns the acquisition of a new Swedish-owned icebreaker (A-class), jointly designed with Finland. It also includes studies to investigate the need for a smaller icebreaker (B-class), to further develop the Swedish and Finnish icebreaking management system (IBNet), to develop educational and certification programme for the navigators as well as investigating the current and future challenges of winter navigation and propose an optimal fleet composition for the area.
Lead Partner: Swedish Maritime Administration
Deadline: December 2027
Funding: European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA) Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)



“To be a forerunner in digitalization and automation"

MaDaMe - Maritime Data Methods for Smart Fairways

About: The MaDaMe project focuses on water-smart societies and especially on blue economy in the field of shipping. The project improves the management of sea traffic by introducing a smart fairway solution to support remote navigational support, and automation on ships.
Lead Partner: Turku University of Applied Sciences 
Deadline: October 2026
Funding: Interreg Baltic Sea Region


Ormobass - Operational R-mode Baltic Sea System to support resilient navigation

About: Shipping requires reliable navigation capabilities. Primary source of maritime navigation are Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), which are prone to intentional and unintentional disturbances as reported in the eastern Baltic. To increase resilience of maritime transport and reduce the risk of using misleading information, national authorities in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) and worldwide are seeking for solutions to identify and mitigate GNSS disruptions or deceptions. One solution is the use of alternative systems, such as the terrestrial R-Mode. The project aims to implement an operational R-Mode system that comprises core functionalities to offer R-Mode positioning in the Baltic Sea Region. Further, additional on-board sensors will identify times when GNSS performance is reduced. The information will be fed into a GNSS degradation monitoring system to inform the mariners of threats for safe shipping.
Lead Partner: German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Deadline: October 2026
Funding:Interreg Baltic Sea Region


“Ensure accurate preparedness and response for maritime accidents and security issues”

OpenRisk II

About: The project OpenRisk II equips maritime authorities and intergovernmental organisations with the risk assessment and risk management tools and thus helps to minimise maritime accidents and their footprint on the marine environment. The project will provide tools for shared & dynamic maritime traffic risk picture of the Baltic Sea region. 
Lead Partner: Finnish Transport and Communication Agency
Deadline: October 2026
Funding: Interreg Baltic Sea Region

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