PA Safe has four major actions:


Action 1: Providing reliable navigational conditions to the Baltic Sea

Objectives: The aim of action 1 is to improve navigation safety in the Baltic Sea by providing more accurate bathymetry data, which can be used to create state-of-the-art nautical charts for E-navigation. In the future, this action will also focus on developing innovations based on such data as well as on training of the maritime personnel to use ECDIS equipment. Furthermore, this action will continue with development work of the backup systems for Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS).


Djupdata Foto Sjöfartsverket

 Photo: Swedish Maritime Administration


Action 2: Developing winter navigation to meet future challenges

Objectives: Action 2 aims to improve the safety, efficiency and environmental sustainability of winter navigation through enhanced cooperation between relevant authorities, transport operators and research institutes.


IB Ymer 
Photo: Swedish Maritime Administration


Action 3: To be a forerunner in digitalisation and automation

Objectives: Action 3 aims to focus on developing reliable and sound systems for maritime traffic management, including digitalisation and autonomous shipping. What is more, the action aims to develop maritime training and education in order to meet the future challenges.


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Photo: Pexels


Action 4: Ensure accurate preparedness and response for maritime accidents and security issues

Objectives: Efficient search-and-rescue (SAR) and pollution preparedness and response (PPR) are essential functions to prevent loss of life or environmental damages. Therefore, Action 4 aims to reinforce these activities through improved cross-sectoral and cross border cooperation, including allocation of resources and transfer of knowledge between countries. 


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 Photo: Patrik Nilsson, Swedish Maritime Administration


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