Action Plan update around the cornerSent on 10 April 2024Action Plan update reshapes the priorities of cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region starting from 2026.
The future of the cohesion policy | EUSBSR NewsletterSent on 29 February 2024The role of the Macro-Regional Strategies is seen positively in recommendations for the future of the EU Cohesion Policy.
Strengthening the Baltic Sea Region cooperation | EUSBSR NewsletterSent on 25 January 2024The North German Länder have ramped up their efforts in committing to macro-regional cooperation in the Baltic Sea area.
We stand with Ukraine | EUSBSR NewsletterSent on 23 November 2023Contributing to the reconstruction of Ukraine is one of the EUSBSR priorities guiding our work.
It's a wrap! EUSBSR Annual Forum 2023 | EUSBSR NewsletterSent on 12 October 2023EUSBSR Annual Forum brought hundreds of experts and policy-makers to Riga to celebrated and reincorce multilevel cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region. A warm thank you for everyone who participated in the event - there is no collaboration without people.
Registration is open: EUSBSR Annual Forum Workshops | EUSBSR NewsletterSent on 09 August 2023Nine thematic workshops open the EUSBSR Annual Forum on 4 October. Pick the ones closest to your interest and get ready to exchange fresh ideas and initiatives.
Priorities of the Latvian Presidency 2023-2024 | EUSBSR NewsletterSent on 04 July 2023From 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2024 Latvia holds the Presidency of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region.
Swedish EUSBSR Presidency is coming to an endSent on 14 June 2023The Swedish EUSBSR Presidency is coming to an end on 30 June, after which Latvia will take over the Presidency of the Strategy.
It's a wrap! EUSBSR Annual Forum 2023 | EUSBSR NewsletterSent on 17 May 2023We look forward to once again welcoming a diverse group of our key stakeholders to the EUSBSR Annual Forum.
Get involved! EUSBSR Annual Forum 2023 | EUSBSR NewsletterSent on 04 May 2023Workshops and networking are vital for the forum to discuss relevant subjects related to the region and to foster the development and exchange of fresh ideas and initiatives. A call for applications for workshops and to have your stand at the networking village at the venue is open until 19 May.
Save the date! EUSBSR Annual Forum 2023 | EUSBSR NewsletterSent on 23 March 2023In their meeting in February, the National Coordinators Group discussed adoption of the EU Council Conclusions concerning the European Commission’s fourth Report on the implementation of the EU macro-regional strategies.
Save the date! EU Macro-Regional Strategies Week 2023Sent on 14 February 2023The 4th EU Macro-Regional Strategies Week "Transform to thrive", will take place from 24-28 April 2023. The event will focus on three themes: Energy, Skills and Funding. The programme can be followed both onsite in Brussels and online.
National Coordinators Group meeting report | EUSBSR NewsletterSent on 18 January 2023In their meeting in December, the EUSBSR National Coordinators Group discussed outcomes of the support event for Ukraine, rotation of the EUSBSR Annual Fora, and 2023 priorities, among other topical issues.
EU Commission report 2022 | EUSBSR NewsletterSent on 19 December 2022Read the EU Commission report on the implementation of EU macro-regional strategies.
Fostering cooperation for Ukraine | EUSBSR NewsletterSent on 29 November 2022Inviting you to an online conference to explore how macro-regional strategies can foster new sustainable cooperation for Ukrainian stakeholders.
Funding calls are open | EUSBSR NewsletterSent on 01 November 2022Submit your application for prosperous, green and connected Baltic Sea Region.
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