Pitch Session


Presentations from the Pitch Sessions


pdf Pitch_2_AdvIQwater_by_Agnieszka-Fiszka-Borzyszkowska 

pdf Pitch_3_Urbantestbed_by_Mara_Araja

pdf Pitch_4_PA-Women_Gender_Equality_and_Growth_by_Britt-Marie_S_Torstensson

pdf Pitch_5_Textile-Revolution_Lars_Mattiasson

pdf Pitch_6_BSR_Hydrogen_Air_transport_Aivars-Starikovs

pdf Pitch_7_CITYAM-Empowering cities for sustainable Urban Air Mobility_by_Kristaps-Niedols


Pitch Session was organised in the expo area of the Networking Village on 5 October at The Small Guild from 13:00 - 14:30. You will be able to enjoy presentation of new project and initiatives supporting clean, sustainable, just and climate resilient Baltic Sea Region.




Networking Village


Networking is an essential part of the EUSBSR Annual Forum 2023 in Riga. Stakeholders contributing to the implementation of the EUSBSR  showcased their work in the expo area of the Networking Village. Networking Village was organised on 5 October during Coffee and Lunch breaks at The Small Guild.


Networking Village map new